Everyone has different standards for what they will allow in and on their body.  At Earth to Luxe, I don't review or even exclusively use natural or organic beauty products.  My goal is to find less toxic alternatives to the mainstream beauty products I once loved.  Because my non-celiac gluten sensitivity does not affect my skin (yet), I do not seek out gluten-free cosmetics.

But I do like to have organized tags so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.  Here is an explanation of what my tags mean:


  • greenwashingFor a lot of companies out there, when a product label says "all natural," they actually mean it and have the consumer's best interests in mind.  But for a many others, it's just a marketing gimmick because going green is a bandwagon they need to jump on.  In the latter case where these claims of products being natural just aren't true, it's greenwashing.  (This is a bare-bones description.  Read more on greenwashing in the cosmetics industry here.)
  • non-toxicNon-toxic items might not necessarily be all-natural, but they score a (0-2) low hazard rating at EWG Skin Deep-- a great resource if you are trying to clean up your cosmetics and personal care items.  There are a lot of mainstream cosmetics that I still use that fit into this category!
  • gateway greenThese are a little cleaner than non-toxic.  They're the brands and products that make a conscious effort to eliminate a lot of the major toxins from their cosmetics-- they might be items that Sephora tries to categorize as "natural."  Do I think they're actually natural?  No.  But as long as they're not greenwashed, I do think they're a safer place to start shopping than throwing your money at makeup loaded with parabens and sulfates and mineral oil.  This is where you can start making your baby steps.
  • naturalNot every product that is all natural is also certified organic, so this distinction exists for those products.
  • organicI'm looking for all-natural products with at least half of those ingredients being certified organic before I will use this tag. 
  • gluten-free/certified gluten freeBecause of Celiac gluten allergy, I am making a distinction between a company's assurance that a product is gluten free and actually being certified gluten free.  If a product carries that certification, I will add the extra tag.
  • veganI do not have a problem with my personal care products and cosmetics using animal products or by-products, but I do know that some choose to avoid them or are allergic to them.  Products that do not contain any animal ingredients will be clearly marked with this tag.


Please note that often these tags will overlap!