My name is Andi, and I created this blog in 2015 to chronicle my journey into a more natural lifestyle, focusing primarily on beauty products.  I've been going by "Luxe" or "andiluxe" online since 2007.  "Earth to Luxe" is as much a concept I want to find in the products I review as it is a wakeup call to myself about the products I have been using.  


I was late to the cosmetics game; my mother practically had to beg me to wear makeup at 14 because I had no interest in it at all.  (I wasn't into grooming my unibrow either, which I definitely should have been!)  I still remember the day she dolled me up in that frosted, baby blue eyeshadow. I knew two things immediately upon looking in the mirror: 

  1. That particular shade of blue definitely wasn't my color. Or maybe blue was hard to pull off even in the mid-90s...
  2. My skin looked fantastic!  I loved how the right foundation made me look like myself but better. 

I have been obsessed with cosmetics ever since-- drug store, mid-range, high end, I've played with them all (some more than others).  I've never worn makeup to cover myself up but instead to decorate what I have.  I've always had artistic tendencies without the actual ability to draw, and makeup finally let me express that creativity.  I pride myself on my sense of color, and one of my favorite things to do is find ways to wear unusual colors.  I've met plenty of hues I haven't liked, but I've never met one that scared me! 



I did a lot of awful things to my skin over the years, e.g., wearing full coverage concealer as foundation on school picture day, but I have always been blessed with fairly problem-free skin.  My motivation for starting Earth to Luxe is more than skin deep.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, a completely manageable thyroid disorder that I have had ironic difficulty managing on Synthroid alone.  My weight yo-yos, and I still suffer from fatigue, brain-fog, dry skin, thinning hair, joint pain, and other symptoms despite normal TSH levels.  In 2012, my thyroid function began declining rapidly, and it seemed every visit to my endocrinologist resulted in a new higher dosage of Synthroid.  After some research, I learned that adopting a gluten-free diet had been beneficial for several sufferers of autoimmune diseases, including Hashimoto's. A lot of my symptoms are also those of non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  I have attempted to eat as gluten-free as possible since late 2012.  Even when I haven't been perfect, I definitely feel a difference!


After realizing the benefits of a gluten-free diet, I started wondering what other changes I could make to improve my health and happiness, and so I have turned to my beauty regimen.  This isn't easy!  The idea of restricting my product choices beyond my typical standard of cruelty-free is a little intimidating.  I will be completely honest: I still get excited about a lot of mainstream cosmetics, and sometimes I will indulge if the ingredients aren't as toxic, but I am sure there is a world of similar products with cleaner origins beyond the mainstream. I aim to find them. 


 thirty-something wife, cocker mom, beauty lover, obsessive creative, color enthusiast, geeky girl, who never stops smiling.

thirty-something wife, cocker mom, beauty lover, obsessive creative, color enthusiast, geeky girl, who never stops smiling.